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Pursuit of Quality

Sampling of Frankies Menu

Frank Falcinelli and Frank Castronovo have strong opinions about what sort of experience they want to share at Frankies and what sort of people and products help create that experience. Frank and Frank hold on to love of the old ways they learned in their grandparents' kitchens—sausages made in storied butcher shops the same way for over 100 years and vegetables sold by the neighborhood's push cart grocer. But they are also dedicated to serving fresh, healthy, local, humanely raised fare. To lend an old world flavor to their modern Italian cooking, Frank and Frank established relationships with local butchers, delis, cheesemongers,

coffee purveyors, organic grocers and brewmasters who are similarly dedicated to old-school quality. We have created a list of Frankies "friends" to help you know a little more about us—and them. These friends are a lively bunch—Oregon coffee fanatics, the son of the last horse-drawn cart peddler of fruits and vegetables in Carroll Gardens, farmhouse cheesemongers on the Lower East Side and a sausage maker in the West Village who really has been making sausages with the same care and pride for the past 100 years.  These are small, dedicated companies anyone would be proud to do business with, and Frankies wouldn't be the same without them.


Jim & Andy

Jim & Andy started with a horse-drawn push cart of fruits and vegetables peddled on the streets of South Brooklyn. Jimmy Cincotta, who founded Jim & Andy's with a partner, has been in the produce business since 1939 when he was 13 years old helping his father. With a stable on Sackett Street, Jimmy supplied businesses and restaurants by push cart in what is now Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill and Boerum Hill until 1970 when he moved into his current Court Street location. His son Carmine now helms the business which supplies fresh produce to over a dozen local restaurants and New York Technical College's Hospitality program. He also retails out of his shop which is always buzzing with trickles of long-time regular customers. Today, when you call Jim & Andy's you'll talk to Carmine. If you're a regular customer, he'll know your business's ins and outs, and if he doesn't agree with your order, he will tell you so. Carmine genuinely feels invested in his customers' well being as did his father Jimmy before him, and his father's father before him.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters


Stumptown Coffee Roasters consists of a pleasant little roastery and several cafes in the Pacific Northwest, serving amazingly fresh coffee and beautiful espresso drinks since 1999. Stumptown's founding owner, Duane Sorenson, is dedicated to providing and serving the freshest, most unique coffee, roasted by hand. Believing in the social, environmental and economic benefits of sustainable business leads Stumptown to not only support coffee farmers that are committed to the well-being of their workers, land and water; it compels them to be a sustainable business in them community. Creating relationships with coffee farmers allows them to roast and provide coffee with the first cup quality, confident that these farms and communities will continue for generations.

Six Point Craft Ales


Six Point Craft Ales was founded in November 2004 by brewmaster Shane Welch and his partner, Andrew Bronstein with the goal of being Brooklyn’s—and next, the world’s—premier small-batch, hand-crafted microbrewer. A Milwaukee native, Shane Welch left law school to pursue his passion for home brewing. He toured Europe for nine months visiting Belgian ale-makers, German brew-pubs and English hop-growers to understand the different brewing cultures. Andrew Bronstein, Shane’s friend and business partner, left his job in a Manhattan law office to make Six Point a reality. Six Point Craft Ales was named after the six pointed brewer’s star once commonly branded on the sides of barrels to denote the purity of the product. To date, Six Point has produced over 30 different beers, four of which are made year round. It is still made as envisioned—painstakingly, by hand, in small batches at its cozy Red Hook brewery.